Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chilean Fotos

 mate, yumm (sorry jesse)

 we never met the first time, but OK

This card has a story. I was eating lunch when this little lady comes up asking for a coin, I gave her one, and she gave me this. It  says: You don't love a woman because she is beautiful, she is beautiful because you love her. Thanks little old lady.  

Me in front of a ship. Exactly.

Anthony - May 13, 2015

Not-so-Weekly Report of a wanna-be Pirate

Because come on who doesn't want to be a pirate. It seems awesome, and definitely better than being a zombie. 
OK  so this week was good and this keyboard is weird. So this week we have been doing our best but we have run into a couple of difficulties. Namely with our one completely "secure" baptism. What happened is we can't seem to get another leccion in with them. Its like they are avoiding us, even though we know its things completely out of their control. The baptism itself isn't until this sunday, but we still have  half of the 4 th  leccion to teach and the whole 5th. so either its going to be a crazy couple of days or  we are  going to have to put it off for another week. Other then that the week was good. Alot of rejection though, but  what can you do. Yesterday we found this lady in a contact that could be  pretty fun. shes a thrologist or something like that, but she studied in Harvard, so yeah, should be interesting.I didn't really see anything weird this week. So that is about it. Love you all. 
Love E' Whetten