Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jesse - February 2, 2015

 thought i would throw in a little Portuguese in there for my comp:P another week down and now we've found ourselves in february!! i say it often but time is getting carried away now! this week was a little nuts with all the things we did but one of the funnest things that we did was that we went to a grave yard here in our area. i will probably attach some pictures that we took to this message if the computer lets me. the graveyard was really full though...with bodies i mean, dead ones. jaja we even found a skull while we were searching for a bathroom, that was pretty gross i think my companion touched it. 
as for the spiritual part of things the work is going great! this tuesday we have `planned divisiones with our lider misional and a young man who is preparing to go on a mission. its been really good to see the difference in the ward since Venancio and i started working together, we've seen a lot of miracles in just 3 weeks! now we only have three weeks left, it kinda sucks because we really get along and we make the work fun for us and for the people we teach.

another good thing that happened this sunday is that all the investigators that we have baptismal dates with, went to church!! yeah i know there are only three but it was still great! sabrina, ezequiel, and noelia! they are all progressing still and its good to see that in them. each one is different and has their own trials but we love them all. another blessing for me especially, is that my companion isnt dying quite as bad as elder cornejo was when he was going home!!! that has really been good on me and has made things easier. i just like making fun of him and telling him stuff to make him homesick sometimes but hes a great guy! not much more to tell yall but i do love you! ohh and my last companion, elder holmes is still in piñeyro and said that he got robbed!! yeah he said his companion isnt as intimidating as i am so they got cornered and they got there backpacks stolen... But im still good!!!:) Chauuu!!!
Elder Whetten

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