Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Anthony - January 28, 2015

Not so weekly Report of a Scottish cumber-bun

This week has been good, and bad, and ugly. Anyways, The really cool investigator that we found said that she believed everything, that she could feel that it was true, we taught her the Plan of Salvation and she loved it. We set up another cita with her to go to a baptism in our district. On the day of the baptism we got a call from her saying that she couldn't go with us to the baptism because her husband was fighting against her. My heart dropped. She was ready to get baptized, she just had to be taught. So now we can't go back to her house because her husband doesn't want us. We did anyways and met her father, and I think we got him our side. Two out of eight Woo Hoo. And truthfully, even though we were told not to go back, she said that she would call us when we could, and also I feel like this isn't over, this is not going to be over. We are going to win. Sorry got a little inspirational speech going right there.
Other then that our week was kinda normal, well as normal as you can get with two jovenes roaming the streets of a foreign country.One Latino trying to learn english and one gringo trying to learn spanish its a great mix. W have so much fun, E' Beja is really into metal music and so we always change the word to the parts we know and to the parts we don't know we just kinda mumble. E' Beja got permision to go to BYU, so thats super cool, we're super excited. 
Now for the explanation behind the title. As you know fardos  (I asked Anthony what a fardo was - this is the explanation -  The age old question. its a really big bag of compressed clothing, in our case ties. there are around 200 ties in each one, with other things mixed in, its really heavy, I need to take a picture of one before and after. its kinda impressive, I now have alot of ties.) are the cool thing to do for P-Day around here, so some elders in our house bought a fardo and brought it home. While we were shuffling through it we found alot of things other then ties. Among these things we found a cumber-bun, plaid and so I put it on (naturally) and E' Anderson said something about the cumber-bun, and without thinking I said, in my best Scottish accent " Its not just a cumber-bun, its a Scottish cumber-bun", so now it is the joke of the house. Well thats about it.
Love you all and hope you have a great week. 
Love E' Whetten

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