Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Jesse - February 9, 2015

this week we had so many things to do and so many tings happened!!
the highlight of the week was definitely the temple, but we also did some intercambios and some breadmaking:)
like i said though, the temple was incredible, and for several reasons. one i could understand everything that was going on, and two i just felt so much more prepared this time around. the last time i went in i was kinda a newby and still didnt know anything and i didnt even really have a testimony of what i was teaching. its amazing what one year can do to somebody!! i received answers to some things in my life that i need to get resolved and the peace was unreal! i can now say that i have a testimony of temples and the power that we can receive by going to them! i cant wait till i can go regularly!! 
we have worked really hard this week and we are learning to just love everybody that we come in contact with!! one day we did divisions and put in 10 lessons in one day!! its not bragging though! its kinda like how ammon felt when him and his brothers finished there 14 year long mission from teaching the lamanites, its that kinda happiness. i know i didnt write a lot this time but i love you all and just know that i have a strong testimony of this church and all it does for someone who is willing to give his or her life over to the lord. have a great week!!!
Elder WHetten!!

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