Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Anthony - February 11, 2015

Not-So-Weekly report of the kid upstairs.

Well, another week has passed and not much happened. Our work is going good but the people just won't listen. We are working hard though so we should be some success pretty soon. One of the families in our ward got sealed on Saturday and that was super cool. I didn't understand some of what the sealer said but I caught the just of it. One thing really cool that happened was they technically had not been married for a whole year and the rule is is that you have to wait a year. Well as missionaries we were not aware of the fact they had not been married a year so when the temple prez came in we knew something was up. He came in and explained the problem to us and said that he could do anything about it, which truthfully he can't. Anyways, you could almost see the sadness wash over everyone as the new reached their ears. And many of us bowed our heads in pray and as soon as I bowed my head some one opened the door and call the prez into the hallway. when he came back in he was beaming. The first presidency had given them permission to do the sealing. It was literally a miracle because most of this took only a couple of seconds. It was super cool. So yeah thats the biggest thing that happened this week.
To fill you in on what happened last week and the reason for the name may take a while. The apartment directly beneath ours caught fire. Nothing bad happened, but it was kinda scary. My comp had a thought to g back and as we showed up we saw like five Fire engines, he almost had a heart attack. Anyways that the big story. Love you all and hope for your success in whatever you are doing.
Love, E'Whetten

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