Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16

Jesse – Phone Call – September 16, 2013

I had the opportunity to talk to Diana last night and Jesse this morning as we shared the news of the passing of their Mema.  Jesse was very much at peace and said that it never felt bad, just peaceful.  I am so glad that he had that blessing.

He was able to talk to me a little about his mission, and it was interesting that he slipped into Spanish and had to think about words in English.  He said that there is one person in their ward who speaks English to him and that it is really strange to hear it.  It is really cold there this week,  it has rained for 6 days straight.  Which is a lot of rain for an Arizona boy. It is cold enough that when you sit in someones house and talk to them you can see your breath.  The people there are amazing.  The young men in the wards teach every Sunday - they teach 30 minute lessons.  The people are very strong in the gospel. But the living conditions are hard which makes him very grateful for the blessings we have.  He only really eats one meal a day - the members usually feed them lunch, which is the big meal of the day there.  They make the lunch and then give it to the missionaries to take back to their apartment to eat.  They drink a lot of Coca-Cola - that is what all of the members give them to drink, Coca-Cola or juices.  They ride the bus everywhere they go, ride the bus and walk.

They brought an investigator to church yesterday and she wants to baptized.  He was excited about that.

He said that is true what they say about missions; "The days are long but the weeks are short".  The days seem long when you are out tracting, but then the weeks fly by.

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