Monday, September 16, 2013

Diana e-mail - September 16, 2013

Well hello everyone!!
You know grief is a funny thing, it comes in stages sometimes i will be laughing about a happy memory and then all of a sudden i will be in tears. but i am ok i know that families can be together forever. Last night when i found out i cried and when i was going to bed i cried some more but I could feel mema there telling me she was ok even though i was sad and all i was doing was crying i never once thought "i want to go home" I wish i could be there with everyone but being here in Washington is where i am suppose to be and i know i just have one more angel on the other side looking out for me. 
I know that Mema is on a mission and she is probably really busy right now. I am so proud to be in this family!!! Everyone I meet the first thing they hear about is my family because on a scale from 1 to a 100000000 my family is 20000000000000000 on the totally awesome scale and i know Mema feels the same. I know that families can be together forever. I was asked once ' why would you want to give up 18 months of your life for this?" and the answer is because this church is true and it makes me soooooooo happy and i want other people to feel the same happiness i do. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is once again on the earth and i know that My family will be together forever. I am going to be the best missionary i can and i will work hard because i know that's what mema is doing. and i feel better about my future husband because mema is going to help me find him when i get off my mission she is going to pick a good one. well the church is true i love my family and i will keep working hard!
i love you all so very much stay strong and know that the Lord loves us.
love sister whetten 

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