Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Diana E-mail July 31, 2013

Washington is great!! it is so beautiful and you would love it theirs the most beautiful plants i have ever seen everywhere. the hoses are huge they are so big. you cant tell if you have neighbors  because there's just Forrest everywhere its like the mountain but at sea level its so cool when i figure out how to send pictures I will send them but I forgot to bring two memory card and a case for them so i am scared to send it in the mail. my new compaion is sister payen she is very sweet and kind. she has been a trainer her whole mission shes been out sence january she is 21. right now i am living with members i havent met them yet but i have heard they are nice.sister and pres. choi are so amazing they were definatly sent here for me. they are so loving and caring sister choi is really short and its so cute. my new adderss is 10675 NE. 20 St. Bellevue, WA 98004 .I have not gotten your package yet but i am sure it will get here soon.  well i really dont know what to say now i am so tired but its ok i will get to bed tonight. i miss you all so much and cant wait to hear from you. i love all of you a ton and remember Heavenly Father answers prays he has done it for my every day since i have been on my mission everything will workout just the way it should and it all happens on Gods time. I have always thought that when we want something God would give it to us the way we wanted it, but the truth is that God has a plan for all of his childern and you chose that plan so if things arent going the way you want them to just remember God is in control and once you know that your life will not be easy but it will be happy!!! i truly love this gosple and cant wait to teach everyone is the Seattle area well i love you all and i cant wait to get you letter and here about eveyones life!! talkto you on monday!!!!!!

love sister whetten 

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