Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jesse e-mail July 31, 2013

It makes me really happy to know that Taylor is still going over to the house:) the spanish is starting to come by a little better now, it was just really confusing the first week because it seemed like they were trying to shove the whole language down our throats at one time. for our excercise we get to go to the gym 3 times a week and either play volleyball or basketbal and then there is four square. i usually play volleyball or basketball because i like those more. but four square gets  pretty intense here! literally someone broke there elbow playing it! speaking of injuries! my companion elder brown rolled his ankle playing basketball last thursday so now hes got a huge ankle but its really pretty and bruised! we havnt been able to go to the temple yet because its being referbished or something like that so its being cleaned but we should be able to go there soon! i havnt gained any more wait yet so thats good news for me! im at a constant 190! our district just seems to be getting closer and closer everyday! it really is amazing how close we have gotten, i already feel like we have known each other for eternity! and who knows maybe we have! last night we had our weekly devotional from a former member of the seventy and i kinda got slapped in the face. because before the meeting had even started we had heard that a member of the 12 was going to be there so we were all pumped and got there earlier than usual. but when we found out that it was only a former 70 we were really not too happy. and this is where i got humbled. because the talk that was given was literally an answer to my prayers and some of the things that he shared just touched the whole stadium. i realized that it doesnt matter if its a member of the 12 or a former 70 that they have been called of god to fulfill there calling and they all giving us the same message. so we shouldnt just listen to the "important" speakers, we have to listen to all of gods messangers! its really good to hear from you and i hope everyone is doing great back at home! I Love You All and i hope to hear from you soon!:)
Love, Elder Whetten:)

and i saw the herringtons!!! and nathan monterith, jason boren, a kid i know from thatcher, its all too mush fun! and i killed a mouse:)

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