Monday, August 5, 2013

Diana e-mail August 5, 2013

Well my first week in washington has been amazing the weather is so nice i love it a ton the ward we cover is huge the ward is as big as safford stake. so we have a lot of ground to cover but we have a car so thats good. sister payen is so much fun last friday we had a movie night and watched the testaments lol we live with the lathems they are so nice well the dad is anyway the wife is out of town till the 30th. i finally got your package thank you so much i loved it a lot we have a lot of fun with the pig. the pictures were great too i love the one of Jesse and i. 
ok so this morning i was reading my scriptures and i found something that made me laugh and i think it will make you smile too go read 1 timothy 2:11 and think about how i talk all the time lol it will make since.  
i love being here everyone is so nice they feel so bad for shuting the door on us i think is funny. OH well i dont know if its just a washington thing but everyone has a dog. everyhouse that we go to has a dog all of these people are crazy and they are all indoor dogs and some of them are not small dogs they are huge. sister payen told me not to look them in the eye but what do i do i look them in the eye she told me i am going to get eaten lol 
well it time to go i love you all have fun in school and dont miss me to bad lol jkjk LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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