Sunday, July 28, 2013

Diana E-Mail - July 26

MOM!!! you are going to be a great sub teacher!! I am having a hard time getting used to having people following me everywhere sometimes i just want to scream but its not allowed. jessse and i were in the chior it was really good we sang a version of praise to the man. lol after the devotional was done my copamions were singing soprano and i was alto so we were split up and you know me i walked out of he building and i lost them. i was well lost. and i thought they left me so i went to the class room. they had stayed back and tried looking for me it was pretty funny. the best part though is the elders, they were scared out of there minds for me. they thought i was lost or ran away. well i dont know what else to say everything is good except the food i have totally lost my appitite here i dont eat a hole lot and my district gets mad at me but i cant eat because i will puke i thinks its all the stress and tring to get used to everything but it wont matter because we leave for washington on tuseday at 430 in the moring i am going to die. well my time is almost up so tell everyone i love them and i love there letters i sent a few this week i hope you get them lol i want a dear jane from anthony again well love you a ton and my next email will be who knows when well till next time love you bye

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