Thursday, April 9, 2015

Anthony - April 8, 2015

Not-So-Weekly Report of a partime Zombie

Ok, so this week has been better then the last. We have been actually finding firm people. On divs we found this lady that is really interested. We Taught her a leccion and have another cita for today. She seems really receptive and asks alot of questions which for us is always really good. SO that's super cool. Hopefully this week is even better, life seems to be looking up. There was also conference which was super cool. I think that its cooler on a mission. The first session killed me though, three talks on marriage and family. One of the worst things to hear as a missionary, and then in preisthood session there was another that was puro palo for the young single adults. So yeah, that happened. Then today we played paintball, which of course was super fun. And this time I actually shot people. One of the Sisters in our Zone (btw we played as a zone) was in a wheel chair and so she couldn't play. So we gave her a gun and Me and another Elder in our Zone ran around and let her shoot us, I would shoot at us but I got hit to many times. So now I have huge welts all over. It was fun. So yeah that was my week. Love you all and hope you have a great week. Love E' Whetten

the reason that I am a part time zomibie is, well, I am always a part time zombie and one of the games we played was zombie. Where you are only out if you get shot in the head and so its harder and yeah it was fun. That's it. 

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