Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jesse - March 16, 2015

well, what to say this week!!?? it was a pretty dope week!! we found another possible  investigator that was pretty dang golden! she is the wife of anotonio, i dont expect everyone to remember who that is but hes cool. the first time she saw us she let us into her house gave us some water and asked what we were about. we taught the entire first lesson with her in silence...up until we started talking about the first vision. then some random guy on the other side of the street started clapping his hands( thats how we knock here) another one was playing with plastic bottles and an airplane flew over timed perfectly for first vision!! its in those moments when we are testifying of pure truth that satan wants most to distract us from what we are teaching. in the end satan failed and we finished the lesson with another one planned for this week on thursday, she even said she was going to invite her older daughter to listen. she even bore her testimony and told us she knew that the lord answered prayers. we were on a spiritual high afterwards, i cant really describe it. also today we got to eat lunch with Maximiliano who is going on his mision here in just over a month. it was good to talk to him and see the progress that hes made! we also had to change one of our baptismal dates to the 28 because of life:P but we haven't lost hope! in fact i feel really really great! i know i dont write much but just know that in these last 20 months ive grown to know that christ lives, and that is what we teach everyday. that he lives and has restored his gospel, that which we belong to. He Lives, and He Loves us. 
those last two lines would be really cool with the voice of morgan freeman haha i love you all!!!
Elder Whetten


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