Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Anthony - March 18, 2015

Not-so-weekly Report of Uno Chileno entero.

that's right I have gone full chilean, well not full, I will never go full chileno but I sure sound like one, there are just so many phrases that I know that its hard not to use them. at times I get mixed up between english and spanish sometimes too, Well, this week was fun. We contacted all day everyday and sometimes it was had but we found some people. We aren't sure that its all going to work out but it should be interesting. Anways we had divs on Monday which is always fun. So thats our life right now. A never ending stream of contacts. So it should be fun to see who we find. Today was fun we played tomson ball, which is pretty much dodgeball wit one ball, it was fun. We also played "Baby" which is futball on a small cort. so yeah thats my life, Walking, but its fun, I hve gotten really good at throwing pss along card at houses. yes that is what we do if someone doesn't come out. The card usually just fall but sometimes we get them in the windows, thats when it fun. love you all and how your week is awesome. 

Love E' Whetten 



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