Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Anthony - March 11, 2015

Not-So-Weekly of the new guy on the block.

So, we moved and then a week later I had changes. WOOHOO! Well not really but It happened and there is nothing I can do about it.  My new comp is E' Fernelius, (from Midville, Utah)  he is super cool. Its fun to be in a new sector. We are in Miestranza , and it is quiet. We live on the eighth floor of our apartment building. Those big bags where really hard to carry up the stairs, that is if we didn't have an elevator. But before I go into too much detail, I need to tell you what happened last week. We got two people with baptizm dates. It was super cool. Tatiana and her daughter want to get baptized! We  had a leccion on the 5 principles of the Gospel of Christ and we made a diagram like a staircase, and with tears in her eyes she pointed to the steps of baptism and confirmation saying that she knows that those are the steps she needs. It was super cool. This week was also bad. Our golden Investigator Marco turns out to be gay and sleeping with a tryvesty. The weirdest part is that when we met his palolo (boyfriend) I wasn't surprized in the slightest. But to top it all off, the Heshe kissed my hand. It was just nasty. We had to go home and wash our hands after that. E' Beja freaked. and washed his hand off with alchool. Just gross. So that was last week.Monday I said goodbye to everyone, and that sucked. Yesterday we went contacting because the sector is almost like a white-wash, but thats ok, anyways so we went contacting in a newer part that hadn't been touch very much because it is kinda far from our sector. Anyways so we went there and started contacting and we found this lady, her name is Clara and she was super nice and gave us a rundown of all of her neighbors, we also set up another cita with her to come back and get to know her and her family better. So that was the first contact we did. the second contact we did was super cool too. We were walking along and started noticing the numbers for the houses were dates. So like normal missionarys we started trying to find our birthdates. We never found 1995 but we did see a house that was 2012. We decied that 2012 was a good year and to contact it. Well we found an Indian family (from India) who speaks better english then spanish and the father is a Mechanical designer for some company in the states. So we had a whole contact in English and another cita for a week from now. So yeah that was cool. and I have a feeling thats it only the start. so thats my week, love you all. Hope your week is just awesome. 
Love E' Whetten

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