Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Anthony - March 25, 2015

Not-so-weekly Report of the Adventurer in the Back Road

Well this week I have a little more to report. Our many days of constant contacting has finally started to pay off. We have a baptism date that we put for the end of April, it was super cool, and that was only the first leccion. We contacted her and then set another date for the next week. On that day we were running a little late and when she opened the door one of the first things she said was your late (that is after all the nicetys), so that mean she was waiting for us, which is super cool. So we did the whole first leccion and she accepted all of it. and at the end we extended the baptismal commitmentShe said that if she prays and gets the answer that this is the truth (which it is) then she would definitely get baptized. Then we extended a date and she said yes, so yeah that was super cool. Also we got lost. But let me explain, we were in our sector mot of the time, but still lost. Anyways, one day we didn't have any citas planned and well we were kinda done with the contacting thing so we decided to find out exactly what our boundaries were. So we did. We walked to the very corner of our sector and took a right. At this time it was dark and there was no on around, just cars passing on the street. So we walked and walked down this slightly busy highway to find out where our sector ended. Finally we came to like this dirt road that we thought was the end of our sector. but also we could keep gong down the highway and try to find a way that way. We couldn't decide, so we let fate take a chance and flipped a coin. Heads for the dirt road and tails for straight. Heads. So we start heading down this old dirt road, and it is super dark. WE pass this old silo that has an old advertisement on it. WE kept walking and talking about what was just out of our sight. Eventually we saw a light in the distance. as we got closer we found out it was an apartment complex, in the middle of nowhere. So we asked the gate keeper what street this was, and as we suspected it was the edge of our sector, but the road that leads back to our apartment was blocked. We asked the gate keeper if there was a way to go through the apartments and end up on the other side. He said yes and took us on a slight tour through this new apartment building in the middle of nowhere. He shows us to a little gate in the wall and told us if we go through there and turn right we could get back to where we came. So we took the challenge and went through the door. In front of us was a huge field that was all in darkness so we turned right and trudged into the darkness. Eventually we burst through the darkness and into the bright light of a street lamp. WE found ourselves in a completely different sector, so we walked down this little elevated sidewalk into the middle of the road all the way back to my comps old sector, and then back to ours. it was an adventure. But yeah that's about it, I love you all and hope you have a great week.ñ
Love E' Whetten  

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