Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Jesse - March 25, 2015

so i apologize for not letting you all know that i wouldn't be writing Monday! our mission president told us to tell you guys but i spaced it! life goes on right! im alive and im still breathing!:) and if im lucky i think i might be able to send some pictures this week! alot of things have happened in the past week and a half! all the way from getting stuck in a gas station for an hour and a half, we are going to have a baptisms this Saturday, cleaned the heck out of our pench, and it started getting colder!!!!!! i would have to say that the temperature dropping is the best part because i sleep better!! its not super cold but yet the heat goes away at night and it drops to some good temperatures. about the being in a station for an hour and a half, we were on our way to a family home evening when we had to go pick up the members daughter. we drove like crazy to try and make it in time and it turns out that the car over heated right when we got there. i guess there was no water or something in the car and something broke...yeah im not really a fix cars kinda guy. but we ended up having to cancel the family home evening, but we did find a really cool dog that we played with as we waited. and this week i started running with my companion. i haven't done any exercises for a while now and it showed! i died from the run but then again it felt pretty dang good. usually the missionaries do their sexy six when they have six months left. i guess im going to do my thankful three...thankful because i didn't get fat on my mission but another interesting thing...person that we found this week told us that christ wasnt perfect and that he sinned just like we do. we obviously don't agree with her but then she went on to say that she knew the bible better than we did, so we asked her where is said in the bible that Christ was a sinner... she completely avoided the subject by kindly donating me a pair of church shoes. yeah she was a little interesting. but lifes good. life keeps on slipping into the future...haha Spacejam 
i love you all! be safe!!! and i dont think i told you but for the first time in my mission i can enjoy the comfort of a pillow:) it was a gift from the mission. it was a little weird a first but now im goood:P 
ELder Whetten!!

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