Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jesse - December 15, 2014

this week a lot of funny things happened with elder Holmes and i. but i will go ahead and share those moments near the end. this week was again filled with lots of tracting and searching for new people to teach because we don't have very many. so there were many hours of just slammed doors and hot hours of nothing, but there is always something to learn on days like that and it usually has a lot to do with patience:P and we did get to meet new less actives that belong to the ward, and we invited them to the end of the year activities that we are going to have soon so it turned out perfect. but i would have to say the best part of the week was again when we had a lesson with our investigator maria lujan. she has given up alot to continue listening to the lessons we have for her. and then she came to us with some more news. she told us that she had wanted to feel sure that what she was doing was correct, so she decided to fast again to make sure. she said she felt the spirit really strongly and hadn't felt that happy in a really really long time. in fact she felt so happy she decided to tell her mom who lives in another town, and that's when the trial came. she ended up telling her mom about her baptism but her mother was not at all happy with her decision, lujan even explained that this was the first time that she hadn't supported her in a decision and she felt really bad. but she said it didn't really matter because she made her decision and was going through with it. we even moved the baptism a day early. so we are really excited to have a white Christmas!!! haha ohh and the funny things that happened this week... We taped a pizza crust to the tail of our wiener dog that we have right outside our door and it was so happy that it started wagging its tails there for it couldn't quite reach the crust. we were caught in the street fighting over a piece of candy and we busted out laughing because of it. i got a crusty burnt lime kicked all over my pants! and we got stuck in a rubber tire and almost tripped on the sidewalk. some of them don't sound as great but you should definitely try the taping food to a dogs tails it was hilarious. but i hope everyone has gotten to see the video of he is the gift! if not i want to invite you all to watch it and share it all over facebook! i love you all and wish the best for you!!! 
Love Elder Whetten
and the tip for this week is that yelling at a deaf man to get his attention does absolutely nothing! Feliz Navidad!!!!

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