Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Anthony - December 17, 2014

Not-so-Weekly Report of a part time Latino

Only part time mind you, I'm still very much a gringo at heart.
Entonces, this week was good, not much really
happened, the usual, lecciones, walking, yelling at houses, walking, getting fed to much by everyone, and have I mentioned walking. But its all good, not like I didn't know when I signed up. We had Cambios this week (sorry changes) so we had to go to all the people that we had grown close to over the weeks. My companion left which I'm kinda glad for but still I'm going to miss that sucker. Now I have what is know as a Greenie breaker, he's Latino and super awesome, I can just tell we're going to have some fun together, I just have to get him comfortable to the sector first. His name is E' Bejarano, he's just crazy. Also there was a Christmas Concert, it was super cool. The Temple was lit up with cual quier luz, and it was just spectacular. I still don't have a comp with my same taste in, well anything, it makes me sad to not be able to crack jokes and have people understand me. But that's just life (so keep dancing through) But I have finally gotten comfortable to where I can be my complete self. We did this Christmas thing where we made cookies, stood in the middle of a park and sang it was Fun, I got to play the violin with another elder. Also I was roped into playing piano for a special number in church. I hate to say it but people here suck at singing, nothing bad about that except when you have your ear tuned to the tuning of a violin. No matter, Love you all and hope your week is stupendous. 
Love, E' Whetten

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