Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Not so weekly report of elder fatman - Anthony - October 1, 2014

First off let me explain the name. My last name (whetten) is very close to the spanish word waton which is loosely translated as fatman. 
This week was awesome. We had a bautizmo, not mine unfortunately, but it was still super cool. Today we bought a farlo which a big bag of clothing. ours was full of ties. When we got back to the apartment we bumped them out and there was literally a mound of ties. not a small pile, not even a large pile. A mound. it came up to my waist it was so big. Then we picked out all the "good" ties and put them in a pile and then divvy out the last ties. it was intense. I got quite a pile of good ties. over all it was fun. Oh, and I have started drinking mate. it is super good, its like a weird liquid grass, i bought my fist mate cup and straw. 
Other then that it was a pretty normal week. We did some contacts, got shut down a couple of times but its ok. Something weird that happened to me yesterday was when we were in our apartment this lady just randomly, out of the blue, gave us a bag of cookies and chocolate milk. Out of the blue. We were expecting out flat mates but it wasn't them it was this lady. It was cool. also yesterday we were teaching this girl English for a class she has and she has to memorize some facts about Canada, and the best part is that the English wasn't even right in some places. well that is my week. I haven´t bee attacked yet so that's good. love you all and hove you the best. 
Love, elder Whetten

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