Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jesse - September 29, 2014

so this week was definitely a great one! i think my companion and i were actually able to work really well together this time. which is still funny because well before the mission we are around the people that we want to be around, and the mission is a little different. you are around the people that the lord wants you around. i wont lie it was a rough start with elder olsen, but things are getting better, lets keep our fingers crossed that it stays that way. this week we actually contacted a lot of the references and contacts that we have done in the passed couple of weeks and were able to find about 3 new investigators so we are stoked about that! but the highlight of the week was that we were able to go to the temple again with this ward! seriously this area is the best one i have been in so far. i just feel so welcomed here that it feels like home, LA CUMBRE!!!! but the feeling of being outside of the temple was the best. even though as missionaries we are not allowed to go inside (once a year only) but i really think that this temple trip helped me as a missionary. there were things going on in my head that were kinda troubling me and i had no idea how to handle it all. but just being there on the temple grounds gave me enough time to clear up my mind and get things sorted out. we have 3 weeks before the next transfers come up and I'm pretty sure that this time m going to be leaving this area, but I'm okay with it:) it has started warming up here now! but every now and then the cold comes back with a little rain. and momma i received the Dr.pepper jelly beans you sent me!!! probably the best thing Ive eaten in like 14 months:P but hey i love you all and by the sound of everything you are all doing good! i love you all and keep you in my prayers!!
Elder Jesse Jesus Whetten:D

and maxi was there too!!! the temple that is

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