Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Jesse - October 6, 2014

so this week was one of the best Ive had here in la cumbre! we got to see a lot of things, pig farms, chicken farms, some really funny exchanges, zone activities and the best par general Conference!!! the week with my companion and i have really started getting along lately and in turn has helped the work, who would've known:P i think in the beginning we were both looking at how completely different we were when i think it was more like we are just really similar! we noticed this and immediately did whatever we could to fix it, and it worked! we now have about 20 possible investigators and one with a baptismal date! the only problem that we have now is the fact that argentines don't believe in marriage:P almost all the people we find aren't married so it just takes a little more time to get them ready but the work is amazing! this week was a really good time to get to know my companion and also the zone. we got to spend a little more time together for the conference so it was legit. but the conference really touched me like never before and i was able to get more out of it. in the week as we invited the less actives and investigators to go to the conference with a prayer and a question, i realized i hadn't yet done that. so i did what we had been telling everyone else to do i entered the conference with a prayer, and have never received more revelation like i did this weekend. my testimony has been strengthened and i realize once again that i still have a long way to go, but that I'm also doing a pretty dang good job. i think the things that i found out this weekend will help me with the next 6 months of life:) conference came and went way too fast! but now we must take what we heard and first apply it to ourselves, or make sure that  our oxygen mask is on before we worry about others:P I've realized that most of the time i have the mask on but that i forget to breathe sometimes haha i gets that's how life is. i love you all!!!
Elder Jesse Whetten

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