Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Anthony - October 8, 2014

Not so weekly reprt of a part time tie vender

Well this past week was super cool. We still have a mountain of ties in the room I call the closet. the pile is still huge, and I keep finding ties that i like. I have found and kept three snoopy ties and a cola tie. They are awesome, I will try and get a good picture. Today we went bowling, and I found out that am pretty good. I got second the first round but last the second round. It was fun. The one thing that I have missed from the states (except from you guys, come on) is cheese. Real yellow graded cheese. To make a quesadilla  I have to cut slices off a small block of some cheese that I don't even know. 
This week was good, we do nothing but contacts, but we have two people that we are super hopeful for. one of them works at the airport so he has a weird schedule and the other one is kinda old so the last time we went over he was in pain. oh well, the time will come. The language is getting better though, I can hold my own in a slow and small conversation. But, such is life. 
Love you all and hope you have an awesome week.
Love, Elder Whetten

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