Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Diana - October 6, 2014

  Well this week was really good I love the fall so much and I love being so close to the ocean! it is really the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. We where able to watch "Meet the Mormons" and i want all of you to see it!! it is such a great movie I seriously watch it everyday when i get home! 
 We also had a really good dinner probably the best dinner i will ever eat in my life. We has T bone stake made by the best cook i have ever met we had caviar (salmon fish eggs) very different but good. It was the most expensive meal i have ever had and it was AMAZING!!!!! 
 Conference was so good!! I gained so much from it!! I am so excited to go back and read it all!! It was so cool i was sitting there thinking about all of you and i realized that for a moment all of us jason and kelsey mom dad and the girls jesse and anthony and me. We were all doing the same thing at almost the same time listening to the Prophet of the world.  It just made me really happy to think that our family is eternal in the one true church and as long as we all do our part we will all make it together " no empty chairs" I love you all so much and i am so glad to be apart of such a great gospel that believes in order and hard work and love and charity!! I know that this is the true church of God in these the Latter days!!! I hope all of you have a great week!! 

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