Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jesse - October 27, 2014

starting over!

so this week went by really really fast and the good part is that i enjoyed it. i am no longer in la plata that's for sure! la Plata is a city and where i am now is a little more hood:P I've gotten a little more used to all the buildings being 2 or 3 stories tall, walking a lot, and in this area we always have to watch our backs, i wont lie its a little more dangerous than La Plata. the people live in fear and it rubs off a little bit. everyone is indoors right when the sun goes down. and by the way it is really hot and humid now! i had forgotten how bad the summer was here argentina! I'm good with the heat but the humidity kills! it makes sleeping at night a hassle, we have to cover up with something or else the mosquito's will kill us. but hey bring it on Summer who doesn't like sleeping and sweating! my new companion is legit though, his name is elder Cornejo, this transfer is his last for his mission then he heads off to peru. so we are doing our best to give it everything we got before i send him home:P this area also has a lot of peruanos...peruvians its a good and a bad thing. good because the peru women really know how to cook! they eat a lot of rice but they make it with so much love its amazing!!! and the bad news is that i have to start exercising if i don't want to get fat. but i don't know what is stronger my will to keep eating foreign foods made by the hands of peruvian women or get out of my bed in the morning just to make myself sweat even more than i already was. Food sounds good!!! ohh and by the way elder Tyler Davis is my zone leader! he is the elder that i spent last Christmas and new years with in Parque baron! so now we get to spend Christmas together again in argentina. and did i mention that I'm still the district leader here in this area? but I'm doing great! and i really think I'm going to like this area, who knows,maybe ill even finally get the chance to train here. Ive got almost 15 1/2 months without training so I'm thinking my time is coming up. i love you all and pray for the best! 
Elder Whetten

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