Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Diana - Oct. 27, 2014

Hello Everyone!! things are a lot better then last week! we have found some one to teach His name is Scott and he is so ready for the gospel and the great thing is that he was found by a member and the member wanted his friend to be happy just like him! that is how the work is suppose to be done!:) President Choi has said that missionaries are here to teach and baptize members are suppose to do the finding.I know that is so true we (missionaries everywhere) work really hard but theres working hard and working smart. 
 Missionaries can work hard meaning that they go and knock on doors all day or run people down on the street and out of the billion of people that say no they  try to talk to they find one person to teach and they dont talk to the ward leaders except for when they are in ward coordination or ward council and the persons name is on the progress record and thats it no member lessons just lessons sure the person may get baptized because they feel the spirit but when they come to church who is there fellowship where are there friends? how long will they stay before they feel like they dont belong? 
 then there are the missionaries who work smart. these missionaries spend 15 to 30 min. in members homes sharing lessons from preach my gospel showing members that missionary work is not that scary it just takes practice. asking members to pray for the missionary work in there own life and praying for the missionaries by name. and it takes some time and following up a lot but then members are talking to there friends and families inviting them over for dinner and having the missionaries there to share a message. sure it may feel like you are being pushy or intrusive but if you saw your family member drowning would you think oh i dont want them to feel like i am pushy. NO! you would do everything in your power to help them. then why is it hard to talk to our friends and family who are spiritually drowning? they are saying to us " please help me i an in the dark and i dont know where i am or what i am doing here or where to go to get out of here." 
 i know not every one is going to except the message of the restored truth. i mean 1/3 of the host of heaven didnt except Gods plan of happiness but we have to invite people to change because they wont change until they are invited to do so.  When we invite we are successful even if the person doesnt chose to listen. 
 Ok i will step down off my soap box now lol i just know that God has so many children and not enough time and just like Pres. Monson said " its time for members and missionaries to work together" in John 4: 35   is says to not think there is still time it says the time is not "the field is white and ready to harvest"  i paraphrased but yeah. members cant look at the missionaries and say " oh look at how cute they are they are so young and sweet and they work so hard lets feed them" feed us please keep feeding us but also put your work cloths on and come out with us  work with us PLEASE!! i love this work so much its not easy at all trust me but i know soem day it will be worth it. i love you all and pray for you every day! have a great week!!

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