Thursday, October 16, 2014

Anthony - October 15, 2014

Not-so-Weekly Report of the luckiest man alive

And by lucky I mean Bad luck. Today was p-day which is always good, except I am sucky at all this sporty, so when we played volley ball I hit the ball and it went flying strait into the soda, that wasn't to bad, but a little while later I hit the ball and it went sailing over the fifty foot wall that surrounds the backyard and into somewhere over the freakin rainbow. Then when we got back to the flat I slipped twice in the shower. I can't wait to see what happens next. (you know the face).
This week on the other hand was pretty good. We did alot of service, alot, we helped some people move, so i got to show off my ginormous muscles ;) In fact me and this other Elder from my district moved a Fridge, a washer, and a stove, all by our lonesome. Up two flights of stairs. It was interesting. Then a couple days later, my comp and I dug a garden, lust like back at home. Two white boys, with shovels, in the hot sun, diggen in the dirt. Then we painted their wall. I was waring my Wicked shirt and white paint really doesn't mix with black. SO when I saw that I got paint on my shirt I made the greatest joke ever. "no one morns the wicked" he did not get it. It was ridicules. oh well. Other then that it was pretty much the same. We are finally going somewhere with one of our investigators and her family, finally. We are having a lesson with her tomorrow. So that is a happy note in my sea of tired. The language is getting better. I can understand about half now, so its getting there. The food here is pretty good. The pan is not as amazing as I hoped. Oh well, such is the mission. There is only one time that I had to actually keep myself from barfing. They have these beans here that are pretty big and taste like moldy chalk. They are nasty,  and we had a whole plate of them. :P well thats my week. Hope yours is awesome, love you all. 
Love E' Whetten

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