Thursday, October 16, 2014

Diana - October 13, 2014

 This week was really good we had a really really great zone conference it was so amazing!  Other then that I cant remember what in the world went on this week I know we tracted a lot and we had a lot of people mad at us because we were tracting during the SeaHawks game so there was a lot of really rude people and i prayed the they would lose and they did God does answer my prayers lol  
  We live in the best area i love it so much here we had a thunder storm this weekend and it was amazing i miss it we dont hear it a lot here. but it was so cool to see the strom over the ocean it was very majestic! and the sun sets are breath taking I love it!!!  If Washington wasnt so gloomy durning the winter i would totally think about moving back here some day. Well everyone that was my lame report for the week but i hope you all get these pictures!!  

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