Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jesse - September 8, 2014

the good news is that yesterday we had transfers, i think thats what they call it when you change companions... but i am still the district leader here in la Plata, and my companion is still elder olsen! haha the only crazy thing that is going to happen is that every single companionship in my district is going to be training this transfer. so that should be a fun experience! i will be here in this area until the 20 of octubre, if nothing crazy happens:P so if everything goes good i will have at least 4 1/2 months here in la Plata. which is a good thing because its easily my favorite area!! we are still  looking for new people to teach and definitely still trying to work more with the members, thats the goal in fact. to work, teach and be with members always! it helps in so many different ways its amazing. in fact the majority of our lessons are with members so i guess that means we are doing our jobs right. this week i also got to interview a 10 year old girl for her baptism, its one of the privileges of being district leader, and one of the most spiritual things for me. she was very open and even mentioned how her mother had passed away when she was 4 and that ever since then her father has been inactive, but that she wanted to be baptized so that she could follow the savior and be a good example to her dad. i was also able to make it to her baptism, i don't have fotos because i lended my camera to a good friend who did the baptism, he left today so that bummed me out a little he is back in chile now close to anthony. but to be honest nothing really abnormal happened in the week. i felt really tired from all the walking, i had to stay up late last night until all of my district was in their apartments and the last one got back at 10:40 and i still had to give all the data to the zone leaders. ill send some pictures of the things weve been doing here! 
Elder whetten:)

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