Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Anthony - September 9, 2014

well, I´m not dead yet. But I did come pretty close this week. So here goes the story of my life as a part time dead guy.
Ok so it started with fútbol, as usually this things do, while playing I would purposely place myself in a position to get kicked. Not so i would get kicked but so I could keep the ball from moving. well, I got kicked, but multiple times, in the same which is pretty unlikely even by my standards. well i thought nothing of it. I asked around and people said not to worry I would be fine. I was fine until the next morning when the leg actually started swell and hurting. The "professional" doctors in my district said that I just needed to walk it off, so I did. It hurt but I walked on it, And ran on it. it stared hurting really bad. The next day Sister Doll saw me limping and decided to help. she gave me an ice pack and some pain pills and then sent me to the doc in the CCM. He took one look at it and sayed it was Infected. INFECTED!!! I mean come on I go all the way to Chile just to get my leg infected. He pocked and prodded me until I was about sick. Then he told me to keep in elevated and to keep a wrap on it. I did that and the leg seemed only to get worse. I was sore and swollen and have you ever tried sticking you leg up for more then 10 minutes. it hurts. So that was my life for about 2 days. on the second day I went back to the doc and he told me that he was going to cut my leg open on the next visit. I asked where, he said right where i was sitting. well where I was sitting was a couple yoga mats with wax paper over it. all placed on a desk. That was all so very comforting. I came back the next day, my leg  looking like the wrong end of a Pillsbury dough boy. So I hobbled in to the office. laid down on his desk and waited for my imminent demise. he came in. Looked at it and said he wasn´t happy with the way it looked. But before I was able to let out a sigh of relief he said that he was taking me to the hospital. The only thing that was going through my head at this point was "cut it off, just cut it off" rising from the desk of doom, I hobbled along behind my comp and the ever smiling doctor. we go into a car and drove to the hospital. It actually was a nice hospital  with professional doctors and everything not once did I see an old fashioned bone saw. Anyways. I went into this room and sat down on one of those not so comfy doctors chairs and waited tell a nurse came in looked me up and down and told me to put on one of those lovely patient dresses. I take off my pants, put it on and the bottom of the smock only goes to me knees. I sat back down, and waited for the doc. We waited and waited and waited. finally he comes in looks at my leg and says he needs an x-ray. I got the Xray and then went back into the room and waited for a very long time. The doctor finally comes in with a n other nurse. The doctor pulls out a spray can, sprays my leg, then looks at me and smiles, placing a cloth on my leg he cuts me open. The pain was excruciating, They did tell me that the spray was a sedative, but I highly doubt that, After the cut, the doc slowly squeezes my leg, I would like to say I blacked out but I didn´t, I felt everything. But after the operation I was fine. I am now walking on it and I feel great.Thank you for all the prays. I even got a Llama bag. its pretty awesome. Hope you week is wonderful,
Love Elder Whetten

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