Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Diana - September 8, 2014

Oh my goodness I have been looking forward to emailing you all since I got off last week. lol Well Seattle is.......... Seattle. It's great I love it, but I sure do miss home. We have been street contacting and with all the atheist and homosexuals we meet I am surprised that I haven't hit someone. I love tracking sounds crazy but knocking doors is more fun to me then trying to run people down who are busy and we are the last people they want to speak to. Down town is a great area but I am praying for transfers.
   Any who I cant believe Jason and Kelsey have been hitched for 3 years the time is going by so fast!!! I am so glad Anthony is a live and healthy. Jesse is still his crazy self. Jazz and Minnie are getting more and more beautiful by the minute!!! Grace is on her way I am so excited!!!!!! Mom and Dad are still the most amazing people I know!!! man can I just say I have the best family in the whole wide world!!!!! I love you all so much!!!
  So if you all haven't guessed this area is a bit of a hard one for me. I have been praying for help and guidance to do my best in this area and the answer the spirit tells me this statement " I did not send you here to fail" I know this is true. I feel so small all the time and the truth is I am small and that is why I need to pray for help everyday. In Ether 12:27 It say that God will show us our weaknesses if we turn to him. I have been shown my weaknesses and I always feel like I have so many that I will never be good at anything, but that is not why God gave us weaknesses He gave them to us to, to me because he knows how strong I can become. I love you all so much and I know you are always going to be there for me. Keep up the amazing work!!!
 forever with love Sister Whetten

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