Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jesse - September 22

this week was a little different than the rest. we were able to go out and work monday through Wednesday, and we actually had a lot of success! we met some old investigators and were able to share some lessons with them. and as a mission we are still doing what they call el plan piloto. and it is basically focusing on bringing back the lost sheep, strengthening the weak, and making sure the strong are involved and know whats going on. it has really strengthened and helped in the area that im in still(la Cumbre) and the members have been such a great help to us and have really made it easier on us...and then came Wednesday:P my companion woke up wit strep throat and we didnt end p leaving the apartment for three days, i really have good luck with companions and medical issues:P but the good thing is that it gave me a lot of time to study and to look for some personal answers that ive been thinking of. but then by day three i ended up thinking a lot about the past and all the crazy things that have happened in my life to get me to where i am now in this moment. ive thought about home a lot of times before on the mission, i would be lying if i said i hadnt. but this time was really good for me. now more than ever i realize that nobody is perfect. everyone goes through challenges, struggles problems and hard times, that's just how life goes. but i looked passed the problems this time and looked at the lords hand that was always there. all the stupid things ive done, all the mistakes, the childish, earthly things that ive done made me a better person, but only because He helped me through it all and its not very hard to see now. I continue to make mistakes, i dont think that will every change. but i love this work and this time that i have to share the gospel with every person that i can. i dont get another chance i realize that, but i will make the most of it. my companion is better now just to let you all know. and im doing great! ohh yeah! and a "snake" touched me in the bus yesterday! snake is basically a girl that likes to hit on the missionaries. and then when she got off the bus she continued to yell things haha probably one of the weirdest things that has happened in a while:P but hey i love you all and hope you enjoy the pics there arent many but whatever!!
Elder Whetten 

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