Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jesse - August 19

so this passed week has been great, quite a bit happened and its starting to be difficult to keep up with everything. earlier on in the week we were able to have a zone conference here in la Plata with president thurgood and it was amazing. i have everything noted down but i wont bore everyone with all that. this area of La Cumbre has now become my favorite area of the mission. i just love the members the investigators and everything in it! this week we have scheduled another baptism with a man named Pablo fabian, he has been waiting for quite a while to be baptised and preparing so we will see what will happen next week when i write you all about the experience:P the youth in the ward seem to follow me everywhere which is both good and bad haha good because some of those yuth help us wth visits and bad because it got to the point that they wanted to sing with me in the primary program a song about missionaries! so now my companion and i are going to sing wth them:D but i think the best part of the week was that i was able to learn a little more humility and it really wasnt easy! its something that i still have to work on, but i did make some progress! i  also learned that listening to the spirit is always better than doubting if it really was the spirit. ive found that i do that a lot more than i should, so i tried a little more to just do it when the feeling comes and dont doubt. and one best things that i got to see was that silvio is still progressing! this week i was able to see him in front of the chapel,kneel and bless the sacrament as i was sitting next to his brother Roman who also had the interview to receive the priesthood in the week thats coming! noting better than to watch a convert progress! and yesterday for the hoiday we got to play futbol and volleyball literally all day! when we werent playing futbol we were playing volley. the hardest thing was waking up this morning haha we are used to walking all day but running all day is a totally different story! but that just about sums up the week that we had! and i scared the crap out of my companion so bad that he grabbed onto me for protection haha gotta love the mission!! hope everyone is having fun and enjoying life because its really not that bad:P
i love you ALL
Elder Whetten...haha Jessifer

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