Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Anthony - August 20

Well, I'm not dead yet. So far the mission has been pretty good. I got here last week and it feels like I have been here for months. it’s not a bad thing, it just feels like a long time. the guys in my group are awesome. My Comps name is Elder Tibbitts, AND HE IS AWWESOME. I still need to work on my spanish, but, I can now understand slightly what everybody is saying. let me tell you about a normal day. 
I "wake up" at around 6:45 and get ready for the day. then we go down to the intitute for personal study. then its time for breakfast, which is usually bread, eggs, cheese, and cereal con yogurt. Its really very good. then we go run to the park, yes I said run, to play futball, which is usually pretty fun. I am sometimes able kick the ball and very rarely does it go anywhere. but its all for fun. Then we run back, like I have said for my whole life, I don't run. Oh and my comp is long distance runner so he goes about twice as fast for twice as long. When we get back to the flat we shower and get ready. after that its just classes and food. I like food, except they don't eat chedder cheese, I mean come on, no cheese, oh well. In the CCM there are only 4 people going to sur(south) the rest are going to norte (north). Well thats my week. Oh I went to the temple yesterday and it was awesome. Since most of the of the missionaries are from north america it was in english so I understood everything it said. In my room there are two Latinos and I can slightly communicate with them. other then that there is not much.  hope you all have a wonderful week. 
Love Elder Whetten

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