Monday, June 30, 2014

Jesse June 30

so this week it finally started getting really cold here in argentina. its started freezing at night and with the humidity you dont stay warm for long. but i found out that i actully like scarfs haha before i just thought that they were for women to look good,but now i know the truth! they help a lot! this week the U.S made it to the octavos along with argentina. saturday chile got sent home by brazl in penalty kicks. and just yesterday mexico got sent home by the netherlands! argentina plays tomorrow and of course we will get to watch the game because it just happens to be during our lunchtime:P this week we were also blessed to find two new investigators that seem interested n the gospel so we will have to wait and see what happens with them! but im excited to teach more people. me and my cmpanion are still doing great, we ended up cleaning the apartment this morning because it was gettng dirty. also we have been working a lot with the memebers of the ward and they really are excited to help us so it makes things even better,and easier. i have a stronger desire to share the gospel wth everyone, i still have a long way to go but i feel great and my companion and i joke around a lot so being happy definallty helps! this area likes to feed us a lot even when we only stop by for a quick message we end up leaving wth something in our hands, so it gives us a little more desire to do excercizes at 6:30 in the morning when its 0 degrees outside. other than the great food and the work moving forward everything seems to be doing great! and if its not great then thats okay too:P but the whole earthquake in safford thing is pretty crazy! just more prrof that we are in the latter days! its exciting! but i love you all and hope yur weeks have been as great as mine! AGUANTE AREGENTINA!!!! Elder Whetten

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