Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jesse - June 23

momma! this past week has been great!! i dont know if you've gotten to look it up on google or anything but its a really beautiful place, you can definitely tell they have more money here. but our area still has its villas(ghetto) so that is good. they say that it can be dangerous in some parts but my companion has been here for 5 months and noting has happened so far(knock on wood) my companion is Elder Castillo and he is really legit, i haven't gotten along with another companion like him. we have a lot of fun and laugh a lot, but still remember when its time to teach and invite the spirit. the good thing about the area is that the members here help out a lot. we eat mostly with less active members so we see them at least once a week so we are able to invite them to more activities and of course Sundayy and i guess a year ago this place flooded really bad and a lot of people and kids dies because of it. im not telling you this to scare you im just filling you in haha they say the water in some places was up to two stories deep so thats just crazy! today we were able to play some soccer during the Chile-Netherlands game and we took pictures but i cant send them this week because i forgot my usb converter:P but everything here is doing good, my companion loves American pancakes so i made some this morning that turned out really good! and 3 days ago he got sick to the point where he didnt get out of bed so i had some extra study time and personally that was great! he is also the district leader here in la Cumbre so he says that the next transfer he is leaving and i will be the district leader and train at the same time:P i guess ill just have to wait and see what happens. but im doing great and finally started doing some exercises with my companion because turns out that he used to do a lot of BMX type stuff with a bike so we really get along! i love you and pray for everyone of you! 
Love Elder Whetten

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