Monday, June 2, 2014

Jesse E-mail June 2

its good to hear that everyone is doing good again! and the arizona heat has finally showed up! i already told dad but i really miss the Arizona heat! i would do anything to trade it for the weather here! the humidity here is terrible and just lets in all the cold, is doesn't matter how many layers i tend to put on it finds a way:P it mostly gets cold in the nights and then the sun comes out in the day and warms it up a little. but im pretty sure that colder weather is coming soon i just have to buy a really warm sweater or something. but other than the cold weather i am doing better than ever! a lot of things happened this week that really tried my faith but now more than ever i know that my heavenly father loves me and is watching over me. it doesn't matter how far down he lets me fall, if i do my part he will lift me higher than before. the closer that anthony gets to his mission the more excited i get as his brother! i just want to tell him how everything is in crazy detail but i know that as much as i say it wont come close to what he is going to experience in chile! im SO stolked for him!!! probably the saddest news we received this week is that the only worthy priesthood that we have in the branch is that of the 1st counselor in the bishopric and my companion and i. because the branch president is shipped in from another ward to help us out. so we are few but that makes my job that much more important. i need to live my life so that i can be the lords hands here on earth. and i can say that spiritually, I've never felt better:)
Elder Whetten

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