Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Diana - June 9

Sounds like everyone is having a blast it is great!! can you believe it is June it has just blown my mind the YEAR is half way over what is that all about? time is going by way to fast before you know it Christmas is going to be here. 
Well mission life is great Sister Nelson and I have been working supper hard and we are finding miracles because of it. We have had pretty ruff week with people being willing to talk to us but we know that it is all on the Lords time. The sun has been out for two weeks and it feels amazing it even said it was hot one day, and i realized that Arizona is going to kill me when i get back. oh well just means I will have to move back to Seattle. man can i just tell yall how much i love Seattle it is pretty much the best city on the planet. The rain gets to you every once in a while because you are always wet but if you can make it to the summer man you will think you are in the garden of eden. It sadly is the most Godless city in the nation but thats ok i have 7 months to fix that! well i love you all and i am so grateful for your support. I love being a missionary its kind of a big deal!! and most of all i love my heavenly father who listen to  us and loves us more than we can even imagine. how you all have a great week.
Love sister Whetten

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