Monday, June 2, 2014

Diana - e-mail - June 2

hello everyone!!!!
So this week has been great i love the ward i love the people i love the area i love my companion i just love everything and we are going to the temple this month so thats great we are going on the 24 I am so excited i miss the temple. We have been trying to have new ideas on how to share the gospel and sister nelson and i decided to go and chalk the plan of salvation on the park side walks it was great and we have also been putting scriptures on the side walks around town. so if anyone gets bored at the dollar store maybe you could pick up some chalk for my companion and i. but these are all ideas. it has been really sunny lately and it has been great we have been seeing and talking with everyone we see the work is great and i love being a missionary its kind of a big deal!! well hope you all are having a great summer see you in almost 7 months.

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