Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Jesse - June 9

this week was better than the last week, things went by a little smoother and we actually entered some more houses:) still haven't found any new investigators or made any new baptismal dates but we are still working. with the new way of working for our mission we spend a lot more time working with the members and the less active members of the branch, and let me tell you, we have a lot of less active members to work with! the only things that really stood out this week was that after i got my bike fixed my companions broke.. which was mostly my fault:P i was riding on the back tire where the bolts are located, i tried adjusting my feet one second and then the next moment the bike dropped down about one foot lower and came to a stop. when i looked at the bike i started laughing so hard i sat down in the middle of the road. luckily it was night time and there were no cars:P turns out our weight bent the back tire in half spokes, rim and everything bent out to the side haha i have never laughed so hard in the mission. i even started having problems with my asthma from the cold and humidity too. ohh i got sick too and im still kinda recovering from it, not too sure what i had but every time i eat my stomach hurts really bad so i are less than normal this week but it should go away soon! and the lesson i learned for this week was to be thankful for the trials that heavenly father puts in our lives. it was a little hard to do for a while but now its getting a little easier to do. it doesn't do anything to put yourself down when things are hard. its better to keep looking up and wait for the blessings that are just beyond the trials. so still staying positive and loving the work more and more. transfers are this next Monday so we will see where i will be going or if i will be staying here in San Vicente, not sure what i personally want to do yet but i will just go where im called. my companion keeps telling me that im going to be called to be a district leader but i dont think im quite ready for that yet:P i can wait a little longer! we also got to go bowling for our last pday as a zone. i think we had a little too much fun. ill have to send pictures soon! but just know that i love everyone and i am still doing great!!!!!!:D
Love,Elder Whetten!

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