Monday, February 3, 2014

Jesse E-mail - February 3, 2014

Hello America!! how is the cold treating you all because i could use some of it! the heat on top of humidity continues to destroy me! i miss my dry Arizona heat! but enough about home heres whats going on in Argentina! i didnt get to message two weeks ago because our P-day was canceled:P but that Wednesdayy we got the opportunity to attend the temple as a district! i sent some pictures but i still have so many more to send. especially because i got my other memory card cleansed of sin and the virus is off!! so i should be sending pictures soon! the temple was absolutely amazing though, it felt so good to be back inside those walls! it really feels like home inside the temple, i didnt even feel like i was in Argentina. i just felt at home. its a little sad that we only get to go once a year but its very understandable with the amount of work we have been set apart to do! 
Transfers are coming up next week on the 10th and im pretty sure this time that i will be leaving my first area! ive been here six months and i think its time for a change:P also last tuesday it rained all night and into the morning and we got flooded! not into the apartment or anything because we are on the second floor. but i will send pictures to show you all how it was:) yesterday we also were blessed to have a baptism of Andrea garcia! she is a really nice woman with two children but no husband. we are starting to teach her 12 year old son who has accepted the lessons and is really smart!! the baptism was great though and the ward really got together to make it great! we gave the honors of baptizing to a young man in the ward who is just about to leave for his mission! i had the chance to be a witness and that was good enough for me:) some other things happened this week that shouldn't be heard by the ears of an already worried mother:P but all is well and im still safe and loving every minute of the mission! there was a moment this week that i will share though. my companion and i were walking to a siesta/lesson with a member when a lady ran out of her house screaming. she was crying because her brother had just passed away and her crys were full of pain. its moments like this that make me happy to be a member of the true church. we know where we are going why we are here. and that life is just the first step to an even better one to come! i have been blessed with many of these moments in the mission where i have no doubt in my heart that this is the true church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. some would say that missionaries are out in the field changing lives, which is true. but i believe these people were also prepared to change my life. i love and miss everyone at home! i hope everyone has a good week! be safe and know i love you!!
Elder Whetten!

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