Monday, February 10, 2014

Diana E-mail - February 10, 2014

So this week has been exciting it snowed on Saturday and it was a pretty hevey snow and it was so much fun. we woke up sunday morning and i made a snow man and a snow angle. and i pull a stupid typical Diana and i wore sandles in the snow amd i even walked bare foot it was fun and i still have all my toes so that is good. the weather has been really reallly cold and i miss the sun. but all is well  

the work has been been doing great I love being in the samoan ward its the best!!! I have been called fat by 2 men in the ward now but i dont mind it just means i am eating there food.
well i am out here living to dream and i know there is no where else i would reather be then here sharing the gospel i know that the Atonement works for everyone even if you are not a member of the Church Jesus Christ suffered for all of Gods children who choose to follow him. i am so thankful to know that my family is a forever family. well everyone have a great week and know that God loves you.
Love sister whetten

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