Monday, January 6, 2014

Jesse E-mail - Jan. 6, 2013

sounds like everyone had a great week hiking! ive had my own fair share of walking, not up hills but in uncomfortable weather:P we are getting over the end of year festivities and being homesick, so thats good! this week Ariel and tobias recieved the holy ghost and another one of Ariels sons, Leandro, was able to go to church too. we are now working on Leandron so he can get baptized by his father! its a process but there is always hope! there have been a few days this week where all of our plans fell through and we ended up just walking all day. those seem to be the hardest days for me because when we arent working my mind seems to wander to a place 5000 miles away from here:P by the way i dont know if i said this before or not but my dreams have begun to be in spanish now, its actally legit! it gives me a little hope to improve on the language that i do know. and this month sometime i finally get to go to the temple! its been six months since ive been able to go but thats not even the best part! i get to go with Maxii and his family, maria Luquez, Ariel Y tobias all the converts will be there!! so im really excited about that and especially because the temple will definatly strengthen all of their testimonys, just like it did mine. haha also this week we found out that nobody is feeding us!:D haha so we gotta go find some food this week. and really the only meal we eat here is lunch:P dinner and breakfast are just snacks and jugo! so if you dont hear from me next monday you know that one of our meals went really wrong! and there are alot more Snakes out this time of year. and im not talking the serpent snake, im talking about the lady snakes haha we have literally been sent into the mouth of the wolf! ALL of the girls wear the minimum amount of clothing and they are alomost as bad as the guys here! whistling at us through windows, and watching us walk by step by step haha its definatly a different world down here! ohh and here they have whats called  carnaval, where people throw water at everyone that walks or drives by. even the buses! in water ballons buckets its crazy weve almost been hit by water balloons on several occasions. thats just about all the excitement that weve had for this week so i hope its enough till the next week! i love you all and keep you in my prayers always!
Love Elder Whetten!

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