Monday, December 30, 2013

Jesse Email - December 30, 2013

Happy new years!!!! well it turns out that i didnt get transfered! so i will have 6 months in my first area:P it is crazy to think that i will literally have 1/4 if my mission in one area! i didnt think that was going to happen, but i know im here for a reason! we also baptized 2 more people this Sunday:) a father and son the father is Ariel. and the son is tobias. Ariel is one of the coolest funniest and sharpest men i know. yeah he has his past but who doesnt! his desire to learn more and to better his life is incredible. he is the one who alwasy had questions and everything clicked perfectly with him. when he came out of the water, tears and joy filled his eyes and the spirit was very strong! i took some pictures with the guys for christmas but i still have the virus problem!!! but once i get it fixed you will all have a bunch of pictures headed your way!!!

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