Monday, December 30, 2013

Diana - Email - December 30, 2013

Hello Everyone!!!!
I hope everyone had a good Christmas. My Christmas was so much fun my companion and i woke up did are studies and then we opened presents. Than Sister White made goodies while I sat and watched. We also had to do laundry that was not fun. Then we went to a members home and i got to talk to my family!!!!!! I miss all of you so much and it was so good to see everyone!!! Then after we talked to our families we stayed with the Ete family for the rest of the day and we played oranges to oranges, and Hawaiian charades. Thursday we a did normal missionary stuff saving souls, sharing testimony just saving to world. Friday started off like any other day and then a dog deiced he wanted to eat my hand off. So we were going to go see this guy who said we could come back and we go and knock on the door and we where standing there for a while and we turned around and and there was a really cute dog and we started to pet it and is was so lovely and then i tried to see what its name was and out of no where it bit me. I am fine it didnt even leave a cool bruise but I know the Lord was protecting me lol the worst part if this hole thing though is when we had to go back to this home where they really dont like us and tell them there dog bit me and ask if its shots are up dated. We decided we are going to leave that house for the next set of missionaries. Saturday we had another really good day just saving souls but the girl who was on date for January 4 Juliann wasnt able to come to church so she cant be baptized but we know the Lord has a plan for her and she just might not be ready for the gospel yet. Sunday we went to church and we had a less active come and that was so amazing!! His name is Dom and he was baptized in Samoa and he moved to America and went less active but he has a desire to go on a mission so we have a goal for him. Sunday night we had the most amazing thing happen my companion and i followed this car home one day because they looked Samoan and we decide to go an knock on there door and do you what was on the other side of that door? A miracle Jubi is a 24 year old guy who met with missionaries before but moved and  lost contact with them and we ask him to read the book of mormon and he asked us about who Joseph Smith was. it was the most amazing thing i have ever seen its people like him that make the mission worth it. He is on date for January 18 please pray for him he is so ready and you know how satan is when people find God and the Gospel. I just want to leave all of you my testimony  I know this church is true i know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God I know that being a missionary is the best thing in the whole wide world being to share me testimony with anyone who will listen is the best thing ever. I love this Quote by Elder Holland " Missionary work isn't easy because Salvation is not a cheap experience" I love being a missionary i love the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I love My savior so much please if you havent read the book of Mormon with an open heart and ask God if it is true and i promise you that Our heavenly Father will answer you and tell you it is true. God lives and i know i will be with my family forever!!! love you all so much!!!
Love sister whetten 

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