Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Jesse Email - December 16, 2013

this week was pretty interesting! we found this great convert whose name is Ariel Nimo. as soon as we started teaching him he was understanding the lessons and asking questions. these kind of people are the funnest to find but also tricky because  we really have to be prepared for their questions and what they want to know. but just yesterday we had a lesson with him about the plan of salvation, he couldnt get enough of it and the lesson went great! he understands everything and really wants to change his life. we asked him to say the closing prayer in the lesson and midway through, he asked if heavenly father could forgive him for the things hes done wrong and to help him where he lacks, he started to cry and the spirit was just strong. sometimes there just arent words to describe the feelings we get out here doing the lords work. ohh and we also got robbed...by our mission leader!!! turns out hes not who he appeared to be. heres the story-> we were going to have a elders quorum activity so we prepared to buy food and calculated that everyone had to pay 20 dollars so we did. well Thursday he came over and cooked food in the apartment like he does every other week, and he asked for elder davis`s and Elder Brush`s camera because he was graduating from school. so they trusting in the mission leader let him use them. well turns out that Saturday came for the activity and he didn't show up. we called and everything and he never answered. well turns out that he left back to Paraguay. and he had also "borrowed" 15,000 pesos for school  from a member 200 from another and with the money from the activity he left to go to Paraguay. without paying his rent with the cameras, a laptop, and who knows what else he took but hes gone:) and the weather, yes its a lot hotter now that is summer,there are some nights when i just cant sleep because we dont have the privilege of air-conditioning:P that's what happened this week.

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