Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Diana - E-mail - December 10, 2013

 Oh my goodness I love being a missionary so much!!! my new compainon is sister white and the Samoan people have a heck of a time trying to say both of our names lol she is so amazing i love her so much!!!! she is such an amzing missionary and we have so much fun together!! It has been so cold not as cold as flag staff but man its cold. i have to wear two pairs of tights and they are getting so worn out lol its all the walking we do.
Sister White likes to make fun of me because i have been in rich areas my whole mission and we are in the ghetto she is always telling me that i am not in Bellevue anymore. its a little scary some times but sister white has been in this area for 6 months so she is really smart about where we go and what we are doing.
 I am getting a little sick but i am taking care of myself i have been taking on guard. I cant believe its almost christmas time its so crazy but i love this time of year.
EXCITING NEWS!!!!! we have some one on date for baptism for January 3!!!!!!! my first baptism!!!! we had an amazing lesson with her last night and we had some young women with us and man the youth are so amazing they brought a spirit that we as missionary's cant do that is why members and missionaries have to work together. I am so grateful for being a missionary and being able to share the good news with everyone that will listen to me last night we had family home evening with some members and i said that i wish i could be a fulltime-missionary for the rest of my life because i love being so close to the spirit and seeing that hand of the lord work in these peoples life.
I love you all so much and i hope you are having amazing Christmas season!!!
Love Sister Whetten 

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