Monday, December 9, 2013

Jesse E-mail - December 9, 2013

everything on this side of the world is fine now:P when we got off the internet last week we were really lucky to be able to send our messages! about 3'0 minutes after we had left the internet a huge storm went through argentina! we were actually shopping for our food when it hit. we were about to exit the store when we saw rocks hit the roof of the store through the sky roofs! we went tto the windows and it was just nuts outside! in just 30 mins trees were blown over powerlines were all over the roads, it was raining and the wind was crazy strong. but we figured we had to get home so we went out in it:P we were about to get on the bus but then the bus driver told us to get off and he just left...this happened 3 times. which was fine because we ended up helping an older man get a tree off his truck, in the rain and wind four missionaries doing a bit of service, it was something you only see in movies haha some other guys saw us helping the man and came and helped us pick up the tree so he could move it. then we started walking to the apartment because none of the buses wanted to stop for us. and about 10 mintutes later the storm just stopped. but it left quite a lot of damage. we ended up not having power or running water for 5 days straight! yeah it sucked, but it was a pretty fun experience! nothing like sponge baths, candle light studies at night and being able to finally see some stars! and the people here are really rebelious! because the power didnt come on for days they blocked the routes for the buses with burning trees and tires so they couldnt pass. and we had to return to the apartment early because the streets were alot more dangerous with no power. we finally got our power and water back so we are a little more normal now:P and the work was great this week! we were able to get 8 baptismal dates! which is quite a bit. so we are praying that all of them will happen! the language isnt really a problem now, so im very blessed in that area! but i still have a long ways to go. im really sorry that i havnt sent any pictures! i can take them on my camera but i cant send them because i have to take the virus off!  but i will try to send some pictures off of elder davis`s memory card! well that pretty much summarizes my week:P i hope every body has running water and electricity! ohh and working heaters! hope the cold isnt too bad, because i really miss it. this humidity is killing me! cold showers and i have become really close friends!:D 
Love Elder Whetten!!!

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