Saturday, December 28, 2013

Jesse E-mail December 23, 2013

well it sounds like everyone was busy this week and that everyone had a great time! everything down here is normal... hahaha
okay so this week we saw a cop chase! there was a car full of young adults who were running from the police for who knows what reason! they were pretty far ahead of the police and getting away when a bus pulled unto the road and blocked there way. that's when things were pretty interesting. one of the guys inside pulled out a freakin gun and told the bus driver to get out of the way. he did as he was told, which was expected. he had a gun pointed at him, and then they just continued their little chase and i never saw them again:P ohh and probably the best thing about this week was the baptisms that we had yesterday! we baptized two people. one of which was Maxxi`s younger brother! thats not the best part either. his younger brothers name is pablo and he wanted me to do his baptism. and not that i didnt want to do it but i had a better idea. we went and talked to bishop and asked if maxxi could receive the priesthood:) so about 30 min. before the baptism maxxi received the aaronic priesthood! and he then went on to baptize his younger brother. just thinking about it makes me tear up a little bit, and the joy that i felt was so much stronger than if i wouldve done the baptism. and then we also found out that pretty soon here he will be called to be the assistant to our new Missionary leader! its just great to see the effects of the work and the difference it makes in peoples lives! we also baptized a young girl names sofi, she is one of the smartest little girls ive ever met! all the lessons clicked with her and she had questions and just paid attention to everything. this little girl reminded me of minnie:P she is only 9 years old but has a very good supprt to go to church and everything. both baptisms were yesterday along with another one from the other half of our area. haha ill go ahead and save some of this stuff for Thursday so we can have something to talk about! but i love you all and cant wait to talk to everyone! and im trying to get pictures sent to you all but i have to remove this virus:P until Thursday! i love you all remember that!
love your son, brother, grandson:) Elder Whetten!

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