Monday, October 7, 2013

Jesse E-mail - October 7, 2013

this week has had its ups and downs there were some pretty crazy things that happened here in Argentina. we had a man have a seizure on the bus and we had to all transfer to another bus. ill leave out a lot of the other stories that i probably shouldn't share with my momma but this definitely isn't the U.S.! things are different and the way people handle things are different too. but on the good side the work is still going forward! i was able to watch conference in English along with the other English missionaries. i watched it in English so i could get the most out of it. yes i can understand a lot of what they say in Spanish but English is just better because its not translated. we also got our recent convert and her grand-daughter to go to the conference! its such a great feeling that she is still making progress in the gospel and that she is sharing it with her family! the girl is 9 yrs old i think i told you about her last week. but she has a fetcha for the 20th of this month! and she really reminds me of Minnie! i have a picture in my white bible that i carry around and it has our family in it and when i show people it they think the girls are 17 and 15 haha they judge age by size here so they think I'm like 26 because I'm 190 centimetros. I'm still learning so much everyday and probably will be for the next 21 more months. the time is continuing to go by too fast, i feel like 2 years isn't long enough already! things are normal for us here i still haven't received any more letters but i will keep my fingers crossed. i love you too mom 
Your son, Elder Whetten

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